Economic Benefits

SouthCoast Wind will have a continuous, long-term impact on job creation and economic opportunities in Southern New England.

  • Over 15,000 direct, good-paying full-time equivalent jobs and supply chain growth across all phases of  development, construction, and operations
  • Construction of the landfall, underground cabling, and onshore substations will create demand for a variety of qualified local contractors with spillover to local retail and hospitality businesses
  • Substantial revenue generated at all levels of government through taxes and other payments:
    • The United States government has received $135 million for the federal offshore lease payment
    • Municipalities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island will benefit from increased business activity, taxes, and other revenue

SouthCoast Wind has made cost-effective and comprehensive investments across Massachusetts and Rhode Island to support a durable, growing offshore wind industry, with particular focus on historically disadvantaged communities. We are making efforts to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our endeavors.

Economic Development Investment Partners