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We close out 2023 with a special focus on a community that is important to us and the future of clean energy—the younger generation. 

We have had the privilege of meeting with many young people across the SouthCoast region, hearing their concerns about climate change and discussing the potential of offshore wind energy.  

We are heartened by their optimism and interest in driving change for a clean energy future! 

Read on for our latest project, community, and partner news! 

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US Sailing's Reach STEM Initiative

US Sailing’s Reach STEM Initiative

From designing efficient turbines to optimizing energy storage solutions, STEM professionals contribute to the sustainable evolution of offshore wind, ensuring a cleaner and more resilient energy future.

This month, students at the Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation in Jamestown, RI got to experience a day in the life of a STEM professional working in offshore wind. Students ages 8-13 designed and built their own floating offshore wind foundations, guided by the engineering design process. Using only recycled materials, each design came equipped with mooring lines and anchors and successfully passed the kiddie pool test! SouthCoast Wind is thrilled to be part of this hands-on learning experience and empowering the next generation of turbine engineers.

Engaging with college students

Collegiate Club Engagement

The SouthCoast Wind team has been actively engaging with college students across Rhode Island and Massachusetts to discuss the exciting world of offshore wind energy. In visits to the University of Rhode Island and Salve Regina University, we connected with engineering and environmental students, who were eager to hear about the various environmental assessments and mitigation methods deployed in offshore wind projects. Students in the renewable energy club at Brown University discussed pricing trends among renewable energy sources and were pleased to discover that offshore wind costs are anticipated to decrease by 67% over the next three decades in Rhode Island, per the U.S. Department of Energy.

What’s the common thread among all these college clubs? The students all displayed a genuine interest in offshore wind careers! This collective enthusiasm reflects a shared commitment to the future success of the offshore wind energy industry here in southern New England.

If your student organization is interested in a presentation from SouthCoast Wind, please reach out to us at info@southcoastwind.com.

SouthCoast Wind Fund Update

In August, we announced our latest grant round from the SouthCoast Wind Fund, hosted by our partners at the SouthCoast Community Foundation. Since then, we have received over 40 proposals from local non-profits, many of whom are young organizations working hard to make a difference in their communities. We will announce the recipients of the $500,000 in grants from The SouthCoast Wind Fund early next year.

  • A geotechnical survey was recently completed at 13 test boring locations along Boyds Lane and Anthony Road in Portsmouth, RI. Conducted by GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. and Geologic Earth Exploration Inc., the work will further the design of SouthCoast Wind’s proposed underground transmission system.
  • SouthCoast Wind received concurrence from the RI Coastal Resources Management Council on our Federal Consistency Certification. SouthCoast Wind also received a Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act certificate from the Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs on our Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Report. Both are important steps in progressing our project permitting, which we continue to pursue at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Community outreach is ongoing throughout our region for residents and businesses to meet with members of our team and learn more about our projects and offshore wind energy. Community information events were held recently in Portsmouth, RI and Somerset, MA.
Community Outreach
Recent events

How many engineers does it take to build an offshore wind farm? A lot!

All kidding aside our engineering team is one of the best. They bring valuable experience in designing and constructing ocean-based energy structures often located far offshore. Our teams comprise a wide range of engineering backgrounds from marine structural, mechanical, environmental, electrical, geotechnical, civil, among others.

And there is a growing demand for offshore wind turbine engineers! They design and oversee the construction and operation of wind farms including turbine testing and siting and are at the forefront of building a renewable energy future.

About SouthCoast Wind

SouthCoast Wind is developing an offshore lease area off the coast of Massachusetts with the potential to generate over 2,400 megawatts of clean electricity.