In this issue, we’ll update you on:

  • Mayflower Wind Signs Lease Agreement for New Bedford Marine Terminal
  • Massachusetts Awards $1.3 million for
  • Offshore Wind Workforce Training Programs
  • Summer Benthic Survey Gets Under Way
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Mayflower Wind Signs Lease Agreement for New Bedford Marine Terminal

Mayflower Wind has signed a lease agreement to utilize the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal as the primary staging and deployment base for the construction and installation of our offshore wind project.

The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal is the first port in North America specifically purpose-built to support the staging and installation of offshore wind components.

“Mayflower Wind would like to thank the Commonwealth and City of New Bedford for their leadership and vision in establishing the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal,” said Michael Brown, President and CEO, Mayflower Wind. “We look forward to creating thousands of good-paying jobs during the construction and installation of our project, anchored around this critical infrastructure investment.”

Read the press release for more information.

Massachusetts Awards $1.3 million for Offshore Wind Workforce Training Programs

Massachusetts awarded $1.3 million in grants for offshore wind workforce training and development that will serve workers throughout the Commonwealth. Mayflower Wind participated in the grant review process, and provided a cost-share of the awards as part of our commitment to build a skilled future offshore wind workforce.

Grants will aid nine new workforce development programs, including state colleges and universities, vocational training programs, an adult education program on Martha’s Vineyard, and training for labor unions and commercial fishermen interested in offshore wind jobs. The scope of the grants covers health, safety, and technical training; offshore wind vocational school dual enrollment; training and certification for organized labor unions and commercial fishermen interested in offshore wind; and continued build-out of higher education pathways for students interested in offshore wind.

Mayflower Wind strongly supports Massachusetts’ vision to be a national hub for the offshore wind industry. We congratulate the awardees for their initiative in developing these programs.

Read the July press release for more information.

Summer Benthic Survey Gets Under Way

Multiple vessels conducting geophysical and geotechnical (G&G) surveys both within Mayflower Wind’s offshore lease area (OCS-A 0521) and along potential export cable routes are making progress in the 2020 investigations. The roster of baseline surveys expanded this week with the mobilization of benthic sampling aboard the Berto L Miller.

The surveys continue the data acquisition work started in 2019, gathering information the project’s application for a Construction and Operations Plan (COP). The plan, a requirement for federal permitting, will be implemented in coordination with stakeholders including regulatory agencies, mariners, Native American tribes, and port communities. The data and analysis from G&G surveys is critical to the technical design and installation of offshore wind farm facilities, including foundations and cables.

Fugro, a global leader in geo-data for energy and infrastructure industries, is conducting the surveys, which are anticipated to last through the end of the summer.

Benthic: Using a combination of underwater video imagery and grab samples, survey crews on the Berto L Miller collect data and sample material in the lease area and along the export cable route to characterize the physical and biological features of the near-surface sediments.

Berto L Miller

Berto L Miller
LOA: 153 ft
Flag: US
Call Sign: WDG6273
Phone: +1 917-979-0275
Monitoring VHF Channel 16

Geophysical: Survey crews assess the seafloor and near-surface sub-bottom using a variety of non-intrusive technologies that emit sound waves and measure acoustic, seismic, and magnetic responses. This information helps provide an understanding of the seabed topography and any surface obstructions (boulders, debris, wrecks), differences in the material and texture of the seabed, as well as location of any man-made, historical or archaeological resources. The Fugro Brasilis conducts 24 hr. operations in the lease area and deep sections of the export cable route. The Go Liberty mobilized in April to investigate the nearshore area and shallower sections of the export cable route.

Fugro Brasilis
LOA: 215 ft
Flag: Bahamas
Call Sign: C6AP7
Phone: +1 646-817-3865
Monitoring VHF Channel 16

Go Liberty

Go Liberty
LOA: 150 ft
Flag: USA
Call Sign: WDK6648
Phone: +1 337-446-5346
Monitoring VHF Channel 16

Vessels have on board Protected Species Observers (PSOs) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators to identify and appropriately manage any issues involving protected marine wildlife, especially marine mammals and sea turtles.

Safety is Mayflower Wind’s top priority. All survey activities are performed in accordance with federal and state regulations and health and safety policies and procedures. COVID-19 response plans have been incorporated into vessel operators’ emergency response plans.

News From the Sponsors

Shell-Partnered Blauwwind Produces First Power

On the early morning of August 7th, Blauwwind achieved first power on the Borssele 3 & 4 offshore wind farm in the Dutch North Sea. This marks a key milestone in the construction of the project as the first turbine is now generating power and delivering renewable electricity into the Dutch grid. The offshore wind farm, with a total installed capacity of 731.5 MW, is scheduled to be completed in October 2020 and commissioned in 2021.

The Blauwwind consortium partners are Partners Group, Shell, DGE, Eneco Group, and Van Oord. Shell and Eneco Group have also secured 15-year power purchase agreements from the consortium, under which each will buy 50% of the power generated by the wind farm.

EDPR-Partnered Moray East Installs First Offshore Electrical Infrastructure

The first of three offshore substation platforms was installed successfully at the Moray East offshore wind farm on August 10th. The project reached another milestone when the first export cable for the 950 MW offshore wind project made landfall at Inverboyndie, Scotland the following day. The project is expected to be operational by 2022.

The Moray East joint venture partners are EDPR, Engie, DGE, and CTG.

Follow the Metocean Buoy Data

Follow the hourly data from Mayflower Wind’s floating metocean buoy on NERACOOS, the Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems.  The buoy gathers meteorological and oceanographic data– including wave frequency and air pressure–which will help aid the final design of the wind farm.

BOEM approved the Site Assessment Plan for the metocean buoy in May.

Buoy collecting ocean data

Mayflower Wind, a 50/50 joint venture between Shell New Energies US LLC and EDPR Offshore North America LLC, is developing an offshore wind lease area with the potential to supply up to 2,000 megawatts of low-cost clean energy.