In this issue, we’ll update you on:

  • Geophysical & Geotechnical Survey Campaign Progress
  • Port Hours and Fisheries Outreach
  • Free COVID-19 Testing for Fishermen at Port of New Bedford
  • Virtual State of City Event with New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell
  • News from the Sponsors

Geophysical & Geotechnical Survey Campaign Progress

Multiple vessels conducting geophysical and geotechnical (G&G) surveys both within Mayflower Wind’s offshore lease area (OCS-A 0521) and along potential export cable routes are making progress in our 2020 investigations.

The surveys continue the data acquisition work started in 2019, gathering information for analysis in our  application for a Construction and Operations Plan (COP). The plan, a requirement for federal permitting, will be implemented in coordination with stakeholders including regulatory agencies, mariners, Native American tribes, and port communities.

Fugro, a global leader in geo-data for energy and infrastructure industries, is conducting the G&G surveys, which are anticipated to last through the end of the summer.

Geophysical:  Survey crews assess the seafloor and near-surface sub-bottom using a variety of non-intrusive technologies that emit sound waves and measure acoustic, seismic, and magnetic responses.  This information helps provide an understanding of the seabed topography and any surface obstructions (boulders, debris, wrecks), differences in the material and texture of the seabed, as well as location of any man-made, historical or archaeological resources.  In the lease area and deep sections of the export cable route, the Kommandor Iona has been conducting 24 hr. operations since April, and is being swapped out for the Fugro Brasilis.  The Go Liberty mobilized in April to investigate the nearshore area and shallower sections of the export cable route.

R/V Kommandor Iona
LOA: 230 ft
Flag: UK
Call Sign: GAAK
Phone: +1 337-268-3159
Monitoring VHF Channel 16

Fugro Brasilis
LOA: 215 ft
Flag: Bahamas
Call Sign: C6AP7
Phone: +1 646-817-3865
Monitoring VHF Channel 16

Go Liberty
LOA: 150 ft
Flag: USA
Call Sign: WDK6648
Phone: +1 337-446-5346
Monitoring VHF Channel 16
Geotechnical:  Survey crews drill small diameter boreholes for detailed soil analysis that informs the foundation design for turbine locations and other project facilities.  The Fugro Explorer conducts 24 hr. operations in the lease area.  The specialist firm Alpine is collecting shallow core (geotechnical and geoarchaeological) samples along the export cable routes using the Shearwater.
Fugro Explorer
 LOA:  261 ft 
Flag:  Panama
Call Sign: 3FEV9
Phone:  +1 713-369-4472
Monitoring VHF CH16
  LOA:  110 ft
Flag:  USA
Call Sign:  WDF5838
Phone: +1 201-297-6015
Monitoring VHF CH16

Vessels have on board Protected Species Observers (PSOs) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators to identify and appropriately manage any issues involving protected marine wildlife, especially marine mammals and sea turtles.

Safety is Mayflower Wind’s top priority. All survey activities are performed in accordance with federal and state regulations and health and safety policies and procedures. COVID-19 response plans have been incorporated into vessel operators’ emergency response plans.

Port Hours and Fisheries Outreach

Mayflower Wind has worked with the other lease holders of the New England wind development area to continue in-person Port Hours in Stonington, CT, Point Judith, RI, and New Bedford MA. Fisheries Liaison Officers held 16 hours of sessions over four days in July and more are being scheduled for August. Port Hours are informal opportunities for Mayflower Wind and other leaseholders to share and gather information and listen to commercial and recreational fishermen’s concerns and ideas. Port Hours have been designed to comply with all COVID-19 restrictions and all occur outside with proper social distancing and mask-wearing measures.

Additional Port Hours in August are currently being scheduled. Please contact Joel Southall, Mayflower Wind’s Fisheries Liaison Officer, at 617-817-4682 or for more information.

Free COVID-19 Testing for Fishermen at Port of New Bedford

The five lease holders of the New England wind development area – Mayflower Wind, Vineyard Wind, Eversource/Ørsted, and Equinor – have joined forces to fund free COVID-19 testing for fishing crews on Pier 3 in New Bedford, in partnership with Southcoast Health and the Port of New Bedford. The program launched on July 16.

The developers have contributed funds to help Southcoast Health, a not-for-profit community health system, and the City of New Bedford reach fishermen whose schedules and occupational demands may preclude them from accessing other forms of COVID-19 testing currently offered. The Southcoast Wellness Van is staffed by clinicians administering the Sofia Antigen test, which can return results more quickly than kits requiring external processing at offsite labs.

Free, fast COVID-19 testing for fishermen will be available at the Port of New Bedford through August 13 (weather permitting). This testing is open to all fishermen including commercial, for-hire recreational charter vessels, and out of state fishermen. The Southcoast Health Wellness Van will be located at Pier 3 at the Port.

  • Thursday August 6, 8:00am – 3:00pm
  • Thursday August 13, 8:00am – 3:00pm

Virtual State of City Event with New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell

Mayflower Wind is pleased to sponsor Mayor Jon Mitchell’s annual State of the City address on Thursday, August 6 at 1:00 pm. Each year, the Mayor delivers the State of the City address detailing past accomplishments, goals, planned policies and objectives for the largest city in the Southcoast region for the coming year.

Click here to register for this free virtual event.

News from the Sponsors

CrossWind Wins Tender for Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm

The CrossWind consortium, a joint venture between Shell in the Netherlands and Eneco, has been awarded the tender for the subsidy-free offshore wind farm, Hollandse Kust Noord. The wind farm will help to meet the objectives of the Dutch Climate Accord and the European Union’s Green Deal. The consortium plans to have the project operational in 2023 with an installed capacity of 759 MW.

“Installing WindFloat Atlantic” Video Series

The fourth episode in a series on the installation of the WindFloat Atlantic project is available online. The series allows viewers to understand the installation process of a floating windfarm and get to know some of the people who made it happen.

WindFloat Atlantic, the first floating offshore wind farm in continental Europe, with the total installed capacity of 25 MW, is located north of Portugal, 12 miles off the coast of Viana do Castelo. The project is led by the WindPlus consortium, comprising EDPR, Engie, Repsol, and Principle Power. It is fully commissioned and operational.

Real Time Metocean Data Available

Mayflower Wind has partnered with the Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS) to share real-time weather and ocean data collected by the buoy for mariners and the scientific community to use.  NERACOOS mission is to produce, integrate, and communicate high quality information that helps ensure safety, economic and environmental resilience, and sustainable use of the coastal ocean. Mayflower Wind’s floating buoy data will help to support these efforts and help to inform other research efforts in the Atlantic region. Visit NERACOOS to view the data!

Buoy collecting ocean data

Mayflower Wind, a 50/50 joint venture between Shell New Energies US LLC and EDPR Offshore North America LLC, is developing an offshore wind lease area with the potential to supply up to 2,000 megawatts of low-cost clean energy.